The MGB Group Work Culture

The MGB Group, with interests in diverse businesses, has been a firm believer in the paradigm that careers are built on the foundations of an organization’s work culture. This has been its guiding philosophy since the days of its early beginnings in Yemmiganur. As a consequence, the Group has encouraged nurturing talent and giving its employees the space and freedom to grow in the function they are most comfortable with. The Group prides itself on the fact that it has been able to focus single-mindedly on building a work culture where there is an air of informality and the employer-employee bond is exceptionally strong. In this organization, every member of the workforce believes that he or she is, first and foremost, an inseparable part of MGB Group, irrespective of the business unit they are attached with. Thus, in a refreshingly different shift from other corporate ecosystems, the work culture at MGB Group is distinguished by a workforce that remains secure in the feeling that they operate as a close-knit family.

Sense Of Ownership And Accountability

Today, the Group has innumerable instances of its employees starting in one function and moving to the top of their career ladder in some other function. Such occurrences are facilitated by sharing the organization’s stated goals with all employees and the culture of imparting a sense of ownership and accountability to every employee. The organization fosters the creation of a workforce that is close-knit and sensitized to understand that every customer’s need is unique and must be addressed and handled with utmost care. The natural fallout of this approach is a vast base of satisfied customers and recognition of its efforts courtesy a large collection of awards for excellent performance.

cross-functional teams

The MGB Group’s investment in people is an ongoing process. The emphasis is on building a workforce that not only has respect for one another, but has the potential to work as a cross-functional team who are open to sharing knowledge. Irrespective of the level at which an employee joins the workforce, they are encouraged to imbibe the habit of holding themselves accountable for producing consistent and sustainable results—by focusing on opportunities and learning to eliminate obstacles, both internal as well as external.

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