Positive Mental Attitude

This is a real life incident which happened in Chennai and it has come as an article in Tamil Fortnightly Anandha Vikatan authored by the customer himself. This story used to make rounds in Eureka Forbes Company (The Company which is in direct marketing of Vacuum Cleaner and Aqua guard) where every H.O.D or Supervisor will make sure to tell this story to newly joined sales staff. The story goes like this.

One day a Sales Representative of Eureka Forbes Ltd went for cold calls in Virugambakkam area in Chennai. After making several cold calls, he approaches a house where the owner of the house was busy and was about to leave for office. The moment the house owner has seen the representative in Tie, he has made up his mind not to entertain the sales guy. When the Sales man requested the house owner for an appointment the later denied saying ‘he is very busy and on the way to office.’ The sales man has said ‘No problem sir, I will not bother you now as you are busy, why don’t you give me an appointment in the evening at 6.30 pm’? Then the house owner replied ‘See boss, I have no intention of buying your product. There is no point for demonstration. It will be a waste of time for you and me’. The sales rep said ‘It will take only 10 minutes for demo. You don’t need to buy my product. I just wanted to share with you the new product launched by my Company. If you are not convinced, I will never force you’. The house owner said ‘What is the use of demo, when I am telling right now that I will not buy anything from you. But still if you want to waste your time on demo, you can come at 06.30 pm. But I am telling you, I will not buy anything from you. Be sure of that’. The sales man said ‘OK sir, no problem. I will catch you up at 06.30 pm’. The sales man arrived sharply 06.30 pm at customers place. He greeted the customer, his wife and his 8 year old son and started giving demo of his product slowly. He has shown how best the machine is and how useful it will be for the family in removing dust and maintaining hygiene of the house. The lady of the house was fascinated by the machine and its usefulness. The kid is also very much attracted towards the new magic machine. But the customer did not offer any comment. Once the demo is over the Sales man asked the customer ‘What do you think of our machine sir, do you like it’. The customer replied ‘Yes the machine is good. But I told you in the morning that I have made up my mind not to buy anything from you. You have wasted your time here’. The Sales man said ‘It’s not at all a problem sir; I just wanted to show you our new machine. That’s all. Thanks sir, Good night’. With that the sales man packed his machine and left the house. After 30 minutes again the sales man went to the customer’s house. The customer said ‘Look mister. I said I will not buy.’ The sales man said ‘No Sir, Not that. I am running late for a function which is in this locality. If it is O.K. for you, Can I keep my machine in your place for the night? I will take back my machine tomorrow’. The customer said no problem. So the sales man kept his new machine near the refrigerator and thanked the customer and went off. Back in the house the lady of the house was not happy with the decision of her husband. She started mumbling ‘You buy so many useless things and when it comes to a machine which is really useful for the house, you don’t show any interest’. The kid also started pestering his father to buy the magic machine. In the night, when the customer woke up and goes near the refrigerator for a glass of water, he sees the brand new machine and he was having second thoughts. He thinks for most part of the night and decides to buy the product. The next day morning, the customer calls up the Eureka Forbes office and asks the receptionist to connect to the concerned representative. The Sales man answers the phone saying that ‘Good Morning Sir, Cash or Cheque?’ This should be the attitude of any sales man. Happy selling!!!

How To Work Better

  • Know The Problem

  • Learn To Listen

  • Learn To Ask Questions

  • Distinguish Sense From Non-Sense

  • Accept Change As Inevitable

  • Admit Mistakes

  • Be PositiveE

  • Say It Simple

  • Be Calm

  • Smile

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